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Who Should Take This Course?

All Technicians at transit agencies which use the QUANTUM.
* This course satisfies the requirements for industry quality assurance programs.

Course Overview

This on-demand, interactive course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the technical operation and maintenance of the QUANTUM Automatic Wheelchair Securement Station. Through a series of four lessons, technicians will learn how the QUANTUM works to secure passengers, to troubleshoot common issues, and what routine maintenance the station requires. The course also covers advanced diagnostic retrievals and the service kit replacement processes. Supervisors will be able to track their students’ progress throughout, and the course concludes with a quiz – highlighting levels of competence. This training course is strongly recommended for all technicians at transit agencies which use the QUANTUM.

The following topics are covered:

  • Introduction to the Quantum (how it works)
  • Lesson 1: Components & Operation
  • Lesson 2: Operator Daily Use & Troubleshooting
  • Lesson 3: General Maintenance
  • Lesson 4: Service Kits

Once the course has been complete, technicians will receive a certificate of completion valid for two years.

This manufacturer accredited course will satisfy the requirements for industry quality assurance programs.

Learning Objectives

After completing QUANTUM: Technician Certification, students will be able to:

  • Understand how the various components of the QUANTUM (Backrest, Securement Arms, Driver and Passenger Interfaces) are designed to operate.
  • Describe how operators at their agency use the QUANTUM to secure passengers in mobility devices.
  • Identify and troubleshoot commonly experienced user errors.
  • Perform general maintenance of the QUANTUM.
  • Evaluate diagnostic retrievals.
  • Understand the mechanical operation of the QUANTUM necessary to perform routine service kit updates.


Time to Complete

Approximately 70 minutes



Recommended Supplemental Materials

Completion Requirements

Pass the quiz at the end of the course with a score of 80% or better.



$99.99 per student
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Registration Options

Technicians can register for the course individually or Supervisors can create a group and register all their technicians for the course, which allows the supervisor to track their progress and download their certification.

This PDF provides step-by-step instructions for both registration options.

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Education Credits

Computer Requirements

While tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices may allow for the completion of course, they are not guaranteed to work. Additionally, some course interactions are not optimized for mobile devices.

Please ensure you have a Windows or Mac based computer available to complete our training courses in the event your selected mobile device does not meet the needs of the course.

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