Bulk Discounts

Order seats in bulk to receive instant discount pricing in your cart:

  • 20-50 students = $24.99 per student (50% discount)
  • 50+ students = Contact us for special pricing options.

Please note:

  • Once you hit a certain discount level, that discount applies to all future seats purchased for that group (ie. Seat 22, 23, 24 etc. will be priced at $24.99 even if bought individually).
  • The purchased seats do not expire until used. This allows you to take advantage of the Bulk Discount pricing even if you currently have fewer than 20 employees in need of training and use the additional seats to train future employees.
  • Are you already doing other online training using your organization’s Learning Management System? We can export our courses in order seamless integrate with current online learning and tracking. Contact us for more details.

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