NOTICE: The 2020 National Training Seminar has been postponed due to Covid-19.

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About the Event:

This open access seminar will provide virtual course lessons covering all aspects of wheelchair transportation. Many of the topics covered would typically only be presented during our annual in-person Seminar

The main focus of each lesson will be equipping transportation managers with a broad and detailed understanding of all aspects of wheelchair transportation – from how to secure a wide assortment of different mobility devices, to the policies and practices that can increase passenger safety and reduce transportation liability.

All lessons can be accessed on-demand, at any time throughout the event and can be viewed in any order. Participants can take as many or as few of the lessons as they feel are beneficial to their agency.

*Every student will receive a Certificate for each lesson they complete.


FREE for everyone

Seminar Length:

7 lessons averaging between 30-90 minutes each

What You Will Learn:

Both the Paratransit and School Bus trainings will include lessons on the following topics:

Understanding Liability
Securing the Wheelchair
Securing Difficult Wheelchairs
Regulations & Best Practices
Securing the Occupant
Securement Equipment
Specification Writing

Who Should Take This Course?

This Seminar is a higher level of learning than our typical training courses. Lessons are geared towards those able to effect change and influence practices within their organizations – including Specification Writers, DOT and DOE administrators, Transportation Leaders (i.e. directors and supervisors), Safety Trainers, and Q’STRAINT / SURE-LOK Dealers.

Your Instructor:

Darren Reaume
Q’STRAINT National Training Manager

As the National Training Manager for Q’STRAINT and SURE-LOK, Darren’s duties include developing training materials and courses for all wheelchair securement applications. In addition, Darren oversees the highly successful bi-annual National Training Seminar for Q’STRAINT and SURE-LOK. He has been invited by numerous agencies throughout the country to speak on safe and effective wheelchair securement practices and regulatory issues. Prior to entering the transportation industry, Darren spent 10 years working in higher education at Tufts University and Amherst College, focusing on issues of diversity and student access. He is magna cum laude graduate of Amherst College (Ma).